In this modern era, we all are working longer days and nights to navigate life. As technology has taken over the world and providing all the benefits by working like humans also machines do not require to be taken care of as human require in the form of food and water. Everyone is aware of the functionalities of modern technology and impacts on human, and as humans, we need to take care of ourselves naturally because that cannot be done by machine.

We require food to survive, to stay healthy and to perform well. It is said that whatever we eat becomes us one day, so the food we eat should be a proper and well-arranged diet of nutrients. Human body requires balance diet to function well as organs work on the energy provided by the food we consume. We should be vigilant enough to choose our diet. A balanced diet has a vital role in the life of working guys. A balanced diet is a diet that has well-arranged and divided share of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and carbs. The calorie count is important in the food that we are consuming our meals daily.

Always eat the food that makes you happy. However, your health on the other side can be with carbs or junk any other healthy diet food. In this era where food we consumed includes artificial, which is harmful for the human body and for the environment as well. We all are focusing on becoming healthy these days as it is crucial for our daily productivity and energy. The goal and need is to become energetic along with being in shape to work hard and achieve healthy goals.

Vegan diet to lose weight fast:

Society these days seem not accepting laziness and procrastinate when it comes to taking care of our health. We become lazy when we are consuming the wrong diet that has higher percentage of carbs which is basically accumulating in our body and making us overweight.

Health expert stated that “obesity is the mother of all diseases” and this phrase has been proven true all the times. Whenever we’re starting to feel an easy or gutted after we consume food that means we are taking a wrong diet, and that’s the sign in our mind that we need to change our diet plan and incline towards the healthy meals.

Vegan food is the food that is naturally been taken from the vegetables and fruits which were naturally grown. Vegan diet plan to lose weight fast helps you regain your body shape as well as stay healthy and sharp. Vegan diet plan include the proper percentage of proteins in food. Vegan food plan may not include any butter or eggs but that contains vegetable oil and sugar that is all natural and less harmful.

Vegan food includes the following nutrients:

Vegan food excludes all the animal products including Honey, dairy, meat and eggs but are full of other balanced nutrients. Vegan diet to lose weight fast includes:

  1. Protein: whole grains, beans, legumes and nuts are all great sources that include in vegan diet.
  2. Iron: the cereals available in the market and meat substitute and breads are fully containing iron. Sprouted grains seeds, soaking of beans before use, eating fermented food and cooking in stainless steel cook fair helps in absorption of iron.

Foods that contain natural iron are baked potatoes, chickpeas, cooked lentils, almonds and flax seeds.

  • Calcium: calcium in a vegan diet can be achieved by having full balanced diet.

Calcium fortified foods are chickpeas, almonds, figs, oranges, bagels, tofu and soy milk.

  • Vitamin B12: this item is completely created by bacteria and fungi. Vitamin B12 is absorbed into body by the percentage of 65 to 75. Vitamin B12 fortified foods are veggie burger, cornflakes, soya milk and yeast.
  • Vitamin D: food items naturally contain vitamin D. During the winter months our body gets pale and in summers we don’t get adequate amount of vitamin D. The solution to get more Vitamin D through food is to eat fortified cereal, vegan margarine, oatmeal, and soya milk.
  • Iodine: to prevent iodine deficiency we require to take iodized salt.

Whatever the nutrient we require to be available in vegan diet plan is available in adequate amounts when we are eating balanced diets and watching for the calories when we are consuming meals.

Intermittent fasting:

Today, all of us focus on not to be overweight but to be healthy and good looking. The main focus should not be to turn into a bony skeleton but to have a healthy working body. Intermittent fasting is the way that keeps you healthy as well as your excessive food consuming habits are held in control.

Intermittent fasting is the way of avoiding foods for several hours throughout the day which completely controls the calorie consumption. The account is basically 12 to 16 throughout the day. The person who is trying out intermittent fasting has to avoid food that has high amount of carbs. You need to be sure before you try because it is very thoughtful process.

Types of intermittent fasting:

1-16/8 hours fasting: this type of fasting that is the easiest and if you want to achieve and for results. One must eat a healthy food during day time for 8 hours and fast for rest of 16 hours. Healthy diet includes less calorie food and less carbs but food that contains proteins and fiber in greater percentage.

2-24 hours fasting: This type of fasting includes full day for example one day you consume your dinner and take your next meal after 24 hours and that must have a complete balanced amount of proteins, carbs and carbohydrates. This one is a little difficult but can be carried out twice a week.

Intermittent fasting vegetarian diet plan is basically the way out to stop you from consuming extra amount of carbs throughout the day and you can consume liquids with less carbs during the time of fasting. There are vegan diet plans for intermittent fasting.

Vegetarian diet plan:

To lose weight and become healthy we know that we need to add vegetables in our meals that you are consuming throughout the day. All the green vegetables are fully filled with all the nutrients required to become healthy.

Best vegetarian to lose weight fast includes balanced addition of healthy fats, proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables that contain all the nutrients in adequate amounts. Vegetable diet plans are usually containing low carbs and very balanced percentage of nutrients.

Vegetable diet that helps in losing weight include the vegetables:

  • High fiber vegetables such as zucchini broccoli mushrooms cauliflower and all other green leafy vegetables include in vegetarian diet.
  • Fruits that include in in vegetarian diet are berries, oranges, apples, banana citrus fruits, kiwi and mangoes.
  • Beans and legumes, nuts yoga and milk soy products are a great source of proteins in vegetarian diet plans to lose weight.
  • Nuts and seeds that include in vegetarian diet plan to lose weight are almonds, walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, pistachios etc. The nuts are good in providing healthy carbs to the body and make it energetic.
  • Healthy fats include oils of different fruits, nuts and seeds for example olive oil. Butters and cheese.

Taking all the healthy fats in balanced amount may be helpful in keeping your body in shape and you won’t obese.

  • Beverages that include in vegetarian dietare naturally flavored fruit infused water, plain coffee or tea without milk. Green tea consumption may also help.


No matter what diet plan you follow but it should include balanced amounts of calories and carbs in it.

We should not always Rush to see the results immediately but wait for the healthy diet plans to show their results as per expectations.

“Everything takes time, be patient and wait for the results.”