During the rest of year people eat everything and anything but during the summer time people prefer to have slim and smart body due to which they focus on consuming healthy diet. As everyone wants summer beach body. Fitness and weight loss journey might be difficult but the results are tempting. According to the body types and the metabolic rates people have different experiences throughout the weight loss journey. Looking slim but feeling healthy is a feeling of satisfaction.

Loving your body type the latest trend of the world but some of the people who want to be in shape are completely head over heels in love with diet plans and workout routines. This completely ok to live in your body no matter what size or shape it is in. A few people might be alright with the fat body and if you are fitness freaks who work hard on their body to make it look slim. Looking slim is no offence at all. To lose weight does not only require to shed a lot of sweat in the gym while working out but we need to take care of the food we consume.

There might be a lot of ways to lose weight faster but all of them have less impact that stays for shorter period of time. Be wise and choose healthy, easy and natural way to lose weight. Consuming natural food and doing regular exercises might benefit you for the longer periods of time. Sticking to all the processed diet meal plans may not be a good idea as well as the waste of money and time. They might be helpful for some people but not for those who want a long lasting effect.

6 week weight loss program

Losing weight is not at all an impossible thing to do. There are many inspiring people who have shed accumulated fats from their bodies. We are required to know a formula to lose weight that is” calories in and calories out”, to explain this sentence we require to understand and what calories we are taking in and bad calories you need to lose that you  don’t want in the body to accumulate. Healthy calories are always beneficial for the body.

6 week weight loss idea is enough for the motivation to start with. When the time period of shedding extra fat is decided that means the destination is waiting for us. All we need to do is decide the path to reach the goal. Here our goal is to shed extra fat from the body and look slim. You can lose weight by following the instructions given below:

  • Se the goal of losing weight and motivate yourself to get through easily.
  • Keep the check of everything you consume, time of exercise, type of exercise and calories taken in through food.
  • Start from small exercises with lesser time span and slowly move towards hard core exercises every day. Make sure you sweat while working out.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious diet which requires a calculated percentage of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • Stay motivated and keep going.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can.

By following a healthy lifestyle along with tough exercise routine and by keeping yourself motivated you might shed fat asit is the best way to lose 20 pound of weight in 6 weeks, almost.

Healthy way to lose weight in 6 weeks:

Healthy way to lose weight fasteris eating healthy diet. Imbalanced diet might help you lose weight faster. Balance diet has calculated percentage of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals in fiber. The properly designed diet plan help in losing weight.

  • Eat regularly meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and little healthy snack and then dinner.
  • The breakfast should be rich in protein that keeps you going and energetic for the day. Breakfast should include eggs as a must element.
  • Eating the vegetables in the lunch mostly green vegetables my help in shedding extra fat as they provide protein to the body which is healthy.
  • You can consume seafood such as salmon.
  • And beans and legumes in them diet plan as they provide basic nutrients to the body, chick peas, barley and oatmeal are also healthy
  • Adding green tea in the diet plan might be the cherry on the cake it helps to lose weight quickly
  • Consuming fruits once a day might not be harmful animals. Try eating apples, banana, oranges, and berries.
  • Add fresh fruit juices in the meals.
  • Try adding dry fruits such as all the nuts, pistachios, chestnuts, cashews and almonds in the diet.

Food to avoid:

  • Avoid consuming processed food.
  • Avoid eating junk food and lots of carbs.
  • Avoid eating too much meat during weight loss time period.
  • Avoid bottled and canned beverages.
  • Do not eat ice cream, chocolate and sugary drinks.
  • French fries are completely prohibited such as rice, white bread.
  • Do not eat pastries, cookies and cakes specially made of chocolate with added white sugar.

Stay motivated and keep following the diet plan. Thiswill surelybenefit you to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks. They say “success usually come to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Workout routine to follow:

People coming to gym and try different exercises and shedding the sweat at the workout that has no effect on the body that means you are following the wrong workout routine. Not the workout routine needs to be changed for you but this is a sign that you require to change your diet plan as well. If you are consuming junk food that is full of carbs and next day going to the gym and spending hours working out then get back to eating carbs, obviously that will be of no benefit.  When your aim is to lose weight and achieve desired body shape then you definitely need to hit the gym and avoid eating unhealthy food as soon as possible.  Gym trainer might help you do the weight loss exercises as he is a professional. Hitting the gym is the best option during weight loss time period.

You might stunt working out at home and then slowly move out to the gym. Workout routine that you can follow to

  • Try out easy exercises in the beginning
  • Slowly interchange your exercise routine to hard core exercise
  • Walk as much as you can during the day
  • Jogging all running for some time in the morning might help you shut the weight fast
  • Try out cycling for some interval of time
  • Weight lifting exercise benefits faster and losing weight
  • Try doing yoga every day to keep yourself motivated and calm
  • Do Pilates for faster weight loss.
  • Perform exercise that helps you lose weight faster in the gym.
  • Try swimming as well.


There are a lot of processed food meal diets available in the market to lose weight as soon as possible such as keto diet for weight loss in 6 weeks. We are well aware of our body types and we should be one who can choose what to eat and what not for our body in order to make it feel healthy.  When the aim is decided we need to take the right path to reach out to it.

Training your mind might help lose weight faster in the short span of six weeks. Sticking to the idea of losing weight in 6 weeks will be beneficial for your body as your brain will be trained and prepared for the efforts you are going to make for losing weight. Remember that you have right to look beautiful and slim on the other hand.

Online weight loss courses and diet plans:

You can sign in into 6 week fat loss program online where you will get proper training to lose weight easily. It would be motivating for you as well to see the people sharing their journeys of losing weight. Proper guidance and training can help losing weight faster.